Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Great News for Atkids

I just went shopping at Wally World, and guess what I found? Atkins Shakes are on promotional: 6 for the price of 4! WooHoo!!! Hurry to WalMart (where I have found the lowest Atkins Shake prices anyhow) and stock up on the nice big 6 can packs. I don’t know how long this will last, or if any other stores are stocking them. Makes them waaayyy affordable!


Favorite places

I've been wanting to share this post for quite a while now. I know it is really hard to eat out and keep low-carb, unless you just really like eating salads all the time. Even when you find a nice high protein entree, it usually comes with a baked potato or fries! I always tell my waitresses "no bread, or potato!" It usually works. Sometime they will take pity on me and offer a salad or steamed veggies. (I love when they do that) But I wanted to let everyone know about my absolutely most favorite restaurant....Cracker Barrel.

If you haven't stopped at a Cracker Barrel since you started low-carbing because all you remember is huge platefulls of biscuits and tall stacks of pancakes then you are in for a big surprise. They have the most wonderful low-carb section of their breakfast AND lunch/dinner menu! The nicest thing about it is that they put the carb (total) count on each entree, and the low-carb sides and salad dressings. How about that for user-friendly?

The lunch/dinner menu has low-carb offerings starting with zero carb hamburger steak, to slightly higher carb offerings, of grilled catfish fillets, roast beef, the greatest bacon cheeseburger (no buns in sight) and grilled chicken fingers. Everything is just packed with flavor, including the side items (green beans, turnip greens good enough to make you slap your mama, baby carrots if you can spare a couple of extra carbs, and side salad).

There are over 500 Cracker Barrel restaurants in this country, so if you are travelling on or near an Interstate, keep your eyes peeled....and go to a real low-carb friendly restaurant. Just be sure to avoid the deserts, even the sugar free stuff isn't low carb. But I can forgive them that, since they aren't pushing it on the low carb menu.