Tuesday, July 3, 2007

4th of July

Menu for the 4th:
Pulled Pork barbeque (0 Carbs)
Smoked Chicken (0 Carbs)
Macaroni & Cheese (Goatmilk cheese & Dreamfields macaroni) (7 Carbs per serving)
Mock Waldorf Salad (George Stella’s recipe ) (4 Carbs per serving when made with broccoli instead of cabbage)
Home made LC Ice Cream (50 grams per complete recipe = 6 grams per cup)

This will work on induction if I drink tea sweetened with stevia, have eggs for breakfast, and leftover meat for dinner/snacks. Sounds yummy, doesn’t it? Have a Happy 4th.

Back on Induction

Well after a week back on induction I am glad to announce I lost 9 pounds. Knuckling down was hard, but not impossible. As usual, weekends were hardest because my husband wanted to eat out a few times, but I was very picky where I would go, so I could get “trustworthy” food (no sugar added to boost flavor). I have been in ketosis at a low to moderate level and decided to check something I always was a little suspicious about. Namely, does Dreamfields pasta really only have the effect of just 5 grams of carbs? Well, I watched the ketone levels closely, and a meal with Dreamfields linguini did NOT throw me out of ketosis, so I feel confident if I don’t overindulge, Dreamfields pasta is honestly safe for low carbers (me, anyway).