Monday, March 26, 2007

More about me.
By December 2003, I was on the verge of needing a scooter to get around my small farm, even around my house. I was in constant pain in all my joints, and weighed WAAAYYY too much. I went on the Atkins Diet again (3rd time is a charm) because I knew that not only would I lose weight, which I desperately needed to do, but that I would just feel better. Well, about 4 months after going on low-carb, I was down to the weight I am at right now. My husband was amazed because, as he put it, "she is like a new person!"
I can walk back and forth to the barn, help out with the chores, hey, even get up and down out of the recliner without a crane! Anyway, my horrendous joint pains were all gone, I wasn't out of breath all the time, and I had some energy for the first time in years. I have maintained my 66 pound weight loss for 3 years without regaining it. I am still about 70 pounds overweight, though, and am hoping by being accountable to this blog, I will regain the motivation to go back to induction level carbs and finish losing that final half of my stubborn fat!Historically, on Atkins, I lost 85 pounds when I was 22. and 100 pounds when I was 34, but I did what almost everyone else does after dieting. I went back to eating the way I had before. Yes, you gain it all back plus another 20% in an amazingly fast time span. You can't blame that on using a Low-carb program to lose it, either, because everyone does it...regardless of how they lost the weight. I have tried all the other diets out there and on most of them, I actually gained weight. There isn't any doubt in my mind that I am exceptionally sensitive to carbohydrates and that explains why Atkins has been the only diet that worked for me. Most other low-carb programs still allow too many carbs for me to lose weight. If you watch my food diary you will see that I now eat (and maintain my weight) only 30 to 45 carbs a day. For me to lose, I have to stay at or below the Atkins specified induction level of 20 carbohydrates. You would think knocking 15 or 20 grams of carb off my meals wouldn't be a big thing, but it's a lot harder than it seems when that cuts my already small carb intake in half. 20 grams of carb is so little, that I really have to stay vigilant. BUT I know I can do it, and I would really like to get down to my ideal weight by the middle of summer. So, here is where I am starting....I appreciate your support.Sid

Sunday's Foods

Sunday's food diary:2 slices of low carb French toast, 2 scrambled eggs. 2 cups coffee, One 3 net carb Atkins bar, 3 pcs pizza (topping only: mushrooms, pepperoni, cheese), 1 ribeye steak, ½ small baked onion, One 2 net carb Atkins bar - Carbs for the day approx 35

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Sunday Morning

Today is a little different from most. I am making my own breakfast. DH usually does that on the weekends. Well, I wanted French Toast. Luckily I had some LC bread in the fridge, battered it up and fried 2 pieces. I scrambled 2 eggs with a little salt and pepper and of course I used butter for cooking. I also used low carb syrup. I figured my breakfast was a grand total of 11 carbs. (Half a day of induction carbs if you are worried about staying at induction level...I'd say you should probably only do one piece of Toast. But you don't have to forego it completly :-)


The Permanent Low Carber

I've been low carbing off and on since Dr. Atkins published his first book. I know it works for me, and countless other people for weight loss and health improvements. I've backslid like most people on all diets, but now I live a permanent Low Carb Life, and never want to look back. I'll be posting my food journal here as well as sharing recipes, scientific articles about low carb as they come to my attention and admitting the hard parts of Low Carbing when I encounter problems (Yes, they do happen...but be honest, problems happen in EVERYTHING in life)

Thanks for reading, and check back often.