Monday, December 31, 2012

Wow! I can't believe it has been 5 years since my last blog!  I guess life got in my way.
I am working at the most amazing engineering firm now.  They have all the same philosophies of work that I have.  They think you shouldn't be afraid to make mistakes, because that is how you learn,. They think they should not limit themselves to one specialty, because when that specialty goes out of style, they will have something to fall back on.  They think they should show their appreciation to the people that work for them, because without them, the company would not be where it is now.   In my opinion, the company is in a wonderful place.  I have never enjoyed working at another job as much as I love working for this company.  I am the Quality Manager, and the Electronics fabrication Manager.  I also am the Manager of the Human Factors and System Safety Engineering department.   I have never been a part of upper management before, and certainly not upper management in 3 areas.  I have found that it is lots of work, but I also like 1working for a company that listens to what I have to say.  I have always been happiest when my opinions (of which I have many) are actually taken seriously.

I have also decided to cut way, way, way back on the soap company work.  I have spent 13 years making soap, posting on a website that I have said soap, lotion, lip balm, and scrubs for sale.  People have purchased from me, and some have become friends, thanks to their repeat purchases, or their reasons for purchasing.  I want to continue to provide soaps and lotions for those people, because they need me.  But the one-time purchasers, and those that are just as happy with anyone's handmade soap, while important to me, are not depending on me, so I am not going to produce just for them. So, if you have been  buying soap from Spencer's Farm Soaps please, prepare yourself for some serious changes.  First, I no longer will be posting my products for sale on my website.  Everything I have for sale will be posted on my Facebook page, and then will be put on ETSY.  When it is gone it will be gone.  I only plan to continually make Aloe and Oats, and AuNatural soap, and unscented Lotion.  Everything else will be made according to my whim on the day I decide to make soap or lotion.  I have been producing according to a schedule for so long, and keeping my creative urges under wraps for so long, that I feel like a new person knowing that I can make any fragrance I want, or color, or with any ingredients...It is invigorating....

I am an artist, both by upbringing, and by nature.  I am looking forward to doing artistic things instead of production things, for a change.  This, being my first week of  'freedom', I have made a necklace, set of earrings,  a wreath, and a painting.  Those were all things I have been planning to do for ages, and ages. I feel like I have been freed from a life of servitude.

I spent several days going though art museums and galleries.  I am amazed at the prices artwork commands these days.  This should be a tip off about how long it has been since I have gone through a gallery!  I did a quick inventory of the original artwork on my walls....holy crap, I need more insurance in case of the unthinkable.  I had no idea how much my collections would be worth.  I feel like I just woke up from an extended nap.  Anyhow, it is nice to be awake again.  I'll try to remember to come blog occasionally.  Remind me to tell you about chocolate covered bacon sometime.