Monday, June 4, 2007

Experimental Food June 4 '07

You know, I really miss stuffed potatoes, and stuffed potato skins. While looking at a totally unrelated recipe for stuffed tomatoes I realized the thing about the stuffed potato things was definitely NOT the potato part, but the stuffing! Of Course! Why not mush up the innards of other veggies that aren't so starchy and put the butter, grated cheese, crumbled bacon, and sour cream and chives into them! I can see using zucchini, or yellow squash for sure. Hollowed out tomatoes would hold all those things even after baking and still be firm enough to hold plenty of all that good stuffing stuff. Dr Atkins even had a recipe just for real stuffed potato skins. It never really seemed like a good idea to let a potato into the house while I was eating low carb, but I think my potato addiction is gone enough to be able to throw away the potato innards now. Another possiblility is to make little faux potato skins from a couple of layers of filo pastry cut into wedges, then cover with the stuffing goodies and bake them. I think stuffed potato nachos made from lo-carb tortillas might be awesome, too.

If anybody has any other ideas, or tries some of these, let me know. When I get home, I might just start experimenting.